July 2018 Director’s Mesage

Fellow Wingers:
I just wanted to comment on some recent rides / events that I personally either volunteered to work at or just rode. I had the pleasure of working with Chapter BC-A & their memorial ride; it was a well-organized event with a great late lunch at Friendly Mikes, Thanks to Dave Ward CD Chapter BC-A.
Chapter BC-C held their Annual Greenheart Rally. A one-day event that drew a good number of riders and was very successful. I had the pleasure of riding and verifying the route earlier that week with Norn Estey of Chapter BC-C. I worked the event at a checkpoint for the poker run. A number of individuals commented on what a well-organized event it was. A great success for that chapter thanks to Karin Young Chapter Director BC-C and her volunteers for this event.
This past Canada Day Weekend we rode with Chapter BC-A on the Olympic Peninsula (Washington State USA) ride. It was a three-day event riding to Ocean Shores. The riding was good but wet! Especially Saturday. The weather did clear, Sundays ride was a success and the ride home along the “hood canal” was spectacular. Sunday of course was “Canada Day” where we all celebrated in Canadian Style, one group even singing the National Anthem at the restaurant to great applause by the American patrons.
My point; this is just what I was exposed to in our part of the district during the month of June. There were many other rides planned and executed by other chapters in the district during the month of June as well. That means a lot of riding, therefore it stands to reason if we want to recruit riders, the examples of the riding we do are easily described and should make the job of recruiting new members / riders very easy.
Let’s get out there and talk to those folks that ride, that they should ride with us for all the reasons above. Plus, all of the benefits the GWRRA offers! While you are at it, have some fun!
Thank you for being members of the GWRRA. Your membership and participation are what makes the GWRRA the finest International Motorcycle Riding organization in North America.

Until I see you all again, Be safe – Ride safe.
Kevin Bramhoff
District Director – District N.W.C “The Great North West Coast”