July 23 Director’s Message

Fellow Wingers:
I am searching for team members for the following positions:
1) District MEC – Membership Enhancement Coordinator (for those GWRRA acronym challenged, as am I half the time)
2) District Ambassadors – I need one (couple or individual) from each chapter, Chapter C position has been filled.
3) District Historian
4) District University Trainer
5) District Marketing Director / Fund Raiser
6) District Recruiting Officer
7) District Secretary
We are also looking for volunteers to assist with Rally organizing for 2019.
I would prefer a cross section of members from all chapters, not just the ones closest to where the “district office” is located.
I would not ask anyone to do anything that I would not do, nor would I ask for more time can you can volunteer as a team member. I seek commitment to doing a job to the best of ones’ abilities as well as being able to finish what is started…nothing more.
Many hands make light work, the more team members the more work is split up and the jobs get easier and take less time.
Contact me for a description of the position you may be interested in and what it entails.
Anyone interested in volunteering and working with a great team please email me directly at: director@gwrra-nwc.com