Mid July Report – 2018

District Message 18 Jul 18
Fellow Wingers:
I really hope you all have had a chance to get out and ride this past few weeks. The weather has been great and the roads…well they are what we make them.

This riding season has been a good one for Karin & I. We have participated in many great rides, met some new folks along the way and really had a good time all being said. That’s what it is all about.

The District Island Loop ride was excellent including participation and contribution from Chapters BC-V, C, A & G. It was well planned and entertaining with excellent roads that provided challenge and sport for all rider levels. A big “Well Done” to our ride coordinator Keiller Gowans. We had a pretty good turnout for the ride, I wish there could have been more participants, however it is the first year of our district being in existence and being the inaugural ride for District NWC, the word just has to get out there about how great this ride was…I am sure there will be even more interest for the next ride and there will be many more district rides in our future.  My only regret…we did not have any participants from Chapter BC-D on a relatively local ride. Hopefully that will change in the future.

We have another District Ride planned for August, The Gypsy Run! If it is half as well planned as the last
District ride…I can’t wait! The Ride is listed on the district web site under the “What’s Happing” tab. https://gwrra-nwc.com along with a lot of other great rides taking place across our beautiful District There is still time to register and there are hotel rooms blocked until July 30th. I encourage you all to take advantage of the hard work put into the planning and execution of these rides, it is well worth participating. The district newsletter will have more Island Loop Details for you all to review.

My message for you all this month is still…Get Out and Ride! Just do it. The weather is great and we should take advantage while we all can. Did you know there are 193 roads listed in the destinations highways book right here in British Columbia alone? Never mind that we have access to Washington State if we like. While you are at it, have some fun…

Thank you for being members of the GWRRA. Your membership and participation are what makes the GWRRA the
finest International Motorcycle Riding organization in North America.

Until I see you all again, Be safe – Ride safe.

Kevin Bramhoff