October Director’s Message

Fellow Wingers:

Thanksgiving 2018 has come and gone and the weather appears to be cooperating so far. With Autumn approaching we need to take advantage of as much riding time as possible. The fall colours are always spectacular through the Hope Princeton Stretch of Highway 3 and some great riding possibilities present themselves at this time of year.

As we get closer to the end of the riding season trying to take advantage of those sunny cool days, please be extra cautious when on the road ways. The surfaces can get covered with leaves causing slippery conditions, oil from summer has leached to the surface causing slippery areas to appear on road surfaces. Please be careful out there. Don’t forget to bundle up!

Enjoying the fall on a motorcycle isn’t just about keeping warm and safe, but it’s also about the cool stuff you can do that you can’t do during any other time of the year. The falling leaves bring with them a host of events that only happen in autumn. Thanks to the unique scenery of the season, getting there could be half the fun if you take your motorcycle.

Maybe there’s a big Fall Festival you could check out with your riding friends or perhaps you and your other half could make a day trip out of some sort of Farm Market Fall Harvest Scene. Many local and Okanagan municipalities sometimes have events going on in Fall that could be cool to check out on two wheels. There is always the fall Grape Harvest and Wine Festivals in our area, providing there is no snow in the passes (and you don’t drink and ride). Visit your Provincial travel website and see what’s going on near you.

If you can, get out and ride, bundle up, watch for deer, and enjoy the fall colours
Planning for the district rally has begun and we are looking to have some very interesting riding opportunities, tours and activities for all attendees.
N.W.C District Rally dates are as follows: July 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th 2019. Location will be 100 Mile House B.C. Stay tuned for further details.

Thank you for being members of the GWRRA. Your membership and participation are what makes the GWRRA the finest International Motorcycle Riding organization in North America.

Until I see you all again, Be safe – Ride safe.

Kevin Bramhoff
District Director – District N.W.C “The Great North West Coast”