December Director’s Message

Fellow Wingers,

December is upon us.  Thanksgiving in the USA has past and the “holiday” season is officially on.  The great thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm and we all go through it together.  So just like riding in the rain, lets gear up and enjoy the ride, cause it’s going to happen!

For me Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, (no matter how dysfunctional my family is).  Much like riding with my friends and colleagues it’s about creating happy memories that will last a lifetime.  My Wish for you all at this time of year:

The gift of love.  The gift of peace.  The gift of happiness.  May all these be yours at Christmas.  Merry Christmas to you and your family!

2019 will mark the first full year of existence for District NWC.  A lot of changes have occurred, mostly in the background of the organization.  My goal this year is to keep everyone riding and active in the district.  After the success we had with District Sponsored rides this year we want to keep that “riding momentum” moving forward.

To that end our District Ride Coordinator Keiller Gowans has devised 2 new exciting rides for the Gypsy Run and the Island Loop.  Ride dates have been discussed and we have seen many dates show up on this message page.  I am pleased to say they are now all confirmed, finally and flyers will be emailed to all announcing the rides and how to register for them.

Planning for the 2019 district rally is ongoing and we are looking to have some very interesting riding opportunities in the Cariboo region of the province of British Columbia, along with tours and activities for all attendees.  Our ride coordinator has an excellent Poker Run planned.  I am excited to take on this one!

N.W.C District Rally dates are as follows: July 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th 2019.  Location will be 100 Mile House B.C.  Links for the District rides and the Rally will be placed on the district web site.  We will keep you all advised when it goes live & it will be soon.

You will be able to register for all of the rides and the rally on our website as well as pay for it all on line.  Our Assistant District Director & Webmaster Dave Ward has set up secure payment options so registration and payment are much easier for you all.

While I am still rambling on about riding, which by the way is really what this organization is all about, riding our motorcycles, we plan to publish all of the ride schedules from all of the chapters in the district.  This will allow all members to take advantage of as many riding opportunities as possible throughout the new year.

There has been a rumour about Chapter BC-D folding…No that is not happening.  Chapter D is going through a bit of a change with Dave Truesdell stepping down as Chapter Director as of December 31st 2018.  Fortunately, someone in Chapter BC-D has agreed to step up and take on the job as CD for now.  I will announce and install him in January 2019.

Chapter BC-V has a new chapter Director, Mr. Tony Brooks.  We all wish him success moving forward.  I would like to thank Kerry Zado for his service to the GWRRA.  It is appreciated and we wish him well and safe riding.

In late January 2019 we have the Vancouver Motorcycle Show being held at the Tradex in Abbotsford B.C.  District NWC will have a booth promoting the GWRRA.  As this is a “district event” we will be reaching out to all chapters for volunteers to man the booth and visit the show.  Details have been sent in separate emails to the chapter directors.

The time to sign up is now.  What’s in it for you the volunteer?  An opportunity to see the latest & greatest in motorcycling and we pay for your ticket.  In exchange we want you to promote the GWRRA to all who show an interest.  That’s it!  Just let everyone know how you enjoy our group and benefits of being a member!  Show dates are January 18th – 20th 2019.

Thank you for being members of the GWRRA.  Your membership and participation are what makes the GWRRA the finest International Motorcycle Riding organization in North America.

 Until I see you all again, Be safe – Ride safe.

Kevin Bramhoff
District Director – District N.W.C “The Great North West Coast”