February Director’s Message

Fellow Wingers:

With 2019 upon us, I can’t help looking forward to our District Events and the next, fast approaching riding season. The number of riding options being provided by the district and chapters in our district is overwhelming.

Looking for riding options? Check WWW.GWRRA-NWC.COM there you will find 2 scheduled District Rides, The District Rally – “Wings in the Cariboo”, Victoria Days Rally as well as “30 plus” organized rides on the lower mainland ride schedule. This does not take into account other chapter ride schedules in the District, also available on the District Web Page.

If you have questions about any of the rides do not hesitate to email Keiller Gowans our district ride coordinator; rides@gwrra-nwc.com. He has put together excellent rides for us this year. There should be no reason this year to not get out and participate in one or more of the scheduled rides.

Another Vancouver Motorcycle show has come and gone, our District participated and had what I believe to be one of the most successful shows ever. We “spread” the word, signed up a significant number of new members and created a presence among the British Columbia ridership attending the show.

I want to send thanks to the many volunteers that contributed their time and efforts to support us at the Vancouver motorcycle show; especially Giselle Collins & Dave Ward for the countless hours of effort they put in to making the show happen for our district. Giselle was at the show all 3 days and literally put over 30 hours in herself. Giselle was exceptionally organized and everything went very smoothly…thank you for job well done!

Working toward our goal of an ARC at each Chapter in 2019, Gavin McKenna & I will be in contact with all CD’s to arrange for dates and venues within the next 4-6weeks. We will also be reviewing the levels program and encouraging everyone to enroll, upgrade or renew their levels status. We will also be working on hosting MFA’s (Medical First Aid Course) at all chapter levels to enable members to ease into the levels program. Stay tuned for program notices.

Riding season is getting closer daily and I am excited to take advantage of all the riding opportunities. I would like to see a “profusion of participation” from all chapters at all riding events this year. Let’s make it the best riding season ever!

Thank you for a great start to this year! Thank you for being members of GWRRA; your membership and participation is what makes GWRRA the finest international riding association in North America. 

Until I see you all again, Be safe – Ride safe.


Kevin Bramhoff

District Director – District N.W.C “The Great North West Coast”