March District Director’s Message

Fellow Wingers:

We have had a great start to the new year. New members signed up at the motorcycle show and some great rides and rally planned for riding season. Have you signed up for the rides and rally yet? Rooms are booking fast and rally registration goes up in price after May so early registration will save you money and ensure your spot at this once every 2-year event! Register today at:
https://wingsinthecariboo.comDistrict Rally Rides and Victoria Days Salmon Arm


This year is a big R&R year. Recruitment & Retention. We are on a “full court press” for membership. We want new members and we want to keep those members that we have not reached out to and perhaps have lost interest in GWRRA. That is my fault! Everything that happens in a given organization is a direct reflection of its management and I intend to change the retention rates. That is my job!

How will I accomplish this? with your help of course! We have an Email Emissary that is reaching out to those members that do not attend functions or take in Chapter life. We are encouraging them to do just that, to get involved and at least stay informed as they may find something that fits their needs. Your Job; when they do decide to attend a function, you / we must be welcoming. We must make them feel that they are truly “in” not “in the way”.

The other area that will need your assistance is recruitment. It starts with us. It is a grass roots movement that begins with opening a dialogue with other like-minded riders.

So, I am trying to put myself in your place…”what is this idiot talking about now”? I am not overly erudite; however, I am not completely stupid either. I get it. I understand that my constant harping about membership, specifically recruitment and retention, must be getting on all of your nerves.

It seems that I am not making my point…I do not believe that is the case. I believe that you all have the same sense of urgency about our group as I do. I believe that you all have just not unleashed your enthusiasm as I have. It’s the weather, that’s it…yeah that’s it, the weather!

Look it is really quite simple, we all know someone that rides that is not a member. It can be a friend, an acquaintance, family member or just another rider you meet on the road. Open with the dialogue as mentioned earlier. Then taking out your new “recruitment kit” go through it with them.

Frankly it works. We have proven this at the motorcycle show. I will be attending chapter meetings to hand out kits and review the features and benefits selling campaign contained within the kit. Its just a matter of talking!

Remember we offer very good value for money as there is so much more being offered than just membership in the Best International Riding Association in North America. There will be a contest attached to the recruitment program one with personal incentive and one with chapter incentive. Be mindful that GWRRA offers the “Find a Friend” program as well. With plenty of reasons to seek new members why not take a shot at it?

 Riding season is getting closer daily and I am excited to take advantage of all the riding opportunities. I would like to see a “profusion of participation” from all chapters at all riding events this year. Let’s make it the best riding season ever! See you all real soon!

Thank you for a great start to this year! Thank you for being members of GWRRA; your membership and participation is what makes GWRRA the finest international riding association in North America. 

Until I see you all again, Be safe – Ride safe.

Kevin Bramhoff

District Director – District N.W.C “The Great North West Coast”