June Director’s Message

Fellow Wingers:

Another Victoria Day Weekend has come and gone and of course the Victoria Days Rally in Salmon Arm along with it. Kirk & Kathy work hard every year to put on a rally that all in the district can enjoy. They did a great job this year and I believe it was a success. I have a rally report complete with photos for all of you to review in the district newsletter. Karin & enjoyed the rally and the riding very much. We have some good weather, some bad, some interesting road events, all in all a great trip. Enough about us.

As you are all aware, we have launched a recruitment drive. All of you received your individual recruitment kits. We have had some immediate success and there already is a chapter in the lead for the “Most Recruits” If you need another kit, just advise your chapter director and we will get them to you.

Have you signed up for our district rally yet? Wings in the Cariboo” It’s important to register early so organizers can plan appropriately and have the necessary seed money to book venues. 

There are also incentives to booking early. Registering for the District Rally prior to May 30th gets you a discount.  Rooms are booking fast and rally registration goes up in price after May so early registration will save you money and ensure your spot at this once every 2-year event!

 Register today at:

www.wingsinthecariboo.comDistrict Rally

www.gwrra-nwc.comDistrict Rides

I am excited to take advantage of all the riding opportunities in our district this year. I would like to see a “profusion of participation” from all chapters at all riding events this year. Let’s make it the best riding season ever! See you all real soon!

Thank you for being members of GWRRA; your membership and participation is what makes GWRRA the finest international riding association in North America. 

Until I see you all again, Be safe – Ride safe.


Kevin Bramhoff

District Director – District N.W.C “The Great North West Coast”