Rider Education


The GWRRA Rider Education Program (REP) is intended to make the motorcycle riding  environment safer by reducing injuries and fatalities and increasing motorcyclist skills and awareness. The REP does not propose to have all the answers.

However, our close-working relationship with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), as well as additional GWRRA programs and studies, has provided a wealth of information for use in establishing a comprehensive Rider Education Program.

Through Commitment, Education, and Application, we can reduce our accident rate significantly.

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The GWRRA University Training curriculum focuses on all aspects of GWRRA while understanding that knowledge is an enabler of those skills. Though some of the training deals specifically with skills needed in a GWRRA leadership position, other training deals with Life and Riding topics that will enhance the member’s life both within and outside of GWRRA. In general, our training is designed to reach visual, verbal, and hands on learners; our goal is “something for everyone”. It is the intent of the University to deliver training in a professional manner and to make certain that training is a fun learning experience for all participants.

These classes are all free and available to every GW member.  All you need to register is your GWRRA member number. Select the North West Canada district, enter your chapter and choose a course. Something for you to do while you are staying home and self isolating……AND it qualifies you for part of the Levels Program.

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